Get Unity3D Black/Dark/Pro Editor UI Skin on Windows and Mac OS

I haven’t posted in a while, so today I decided to post a quick tutorial on how to get dark/black (Pro Editor UI Skin) skin in Unity 3d under Windows and Mac OS.

Last updated: 13.08.2017 (21:37 uk time):


Windows version:



Patcher changelog:
Patcher now self-checks if it has been “Run as administrator“. It prompts the user if it has not been.
A license key is now randomly auto-generated at the start, and still allows you to regenerate more [one less click for you].
The patcher just asks for the location of the executable, and no longer asks for which version you want to patch.
It works out the version of the selected *.exe and patches it accordingly.
All v4.x.x and v5.x.x releases are handled.
Tested on v4.6.9p2(x32), v5.2.3p2(x64) and v5.3.0f4(x64).
The PATCH button can only be pressed is a valid executable is found within your chosen folder.
This patcher now creates a U*i*y.exe.bak (backup of the the original exe) prior to patching. Useful for those wishing to build a release game/app with the untouched editor.


Mac Version:


f: Unity v5.6.3f1(mac).zip

p: Unity v5.6.2p4(mac).zip

f: Unity 2017.1.0f3(mac).zip

p: Unity 2017.1.0p3(mac).zip

How to use the patched unity and .ulf file(s) for MAC.

First – the patched unity file:
1. Go to -> Applications ->  Unity folder
2. Right-click Unity, and select Open Package Contents
3. Contents -> MacOS
4. Backup your Unity file (you can rename it)
5. Copy and paste the patched Unity from the downloaded zip-file into the MacOS folder.

Now the .ulf file
1. Go to -> Computer -> Library -> Application Support -> Unity
2. Backup your files .ulf file/s
3. Copy and paste the patched .ulf from the downloaded zip-file into that folder.

Stable releases (f)  – Patches releases (p) – Beta releases (b)


OLD Method



Method 1

1 . Use Hex Editor (HexEdit,HxD, etc)

2. Open Unity.exe in hex editor

3. Search for these bytes:

00 84 C0 74 08

edit them to:

00 84 C0 75 08

(these bytes are for Unity3d v5.2.0f3)

4. Save and Enjoy.


Method 2

  1. Use x64dbg
  2. Open x64dbg, choose from the File menu Open and select “Unity.exe
  3. Click “Symbol” Tab
  4. Select (one click) on “Unity.exe” from the list
  5. Search bar in the middle/bottom, type “getskinidx
  6. Double-click on what comes up
  7. Double click on whatever the JNZ/JNE line is
  8. Change those first three letters to simply “JE
  9. Right-click “Patch
  10. Save and enjoy

p.s. source persia forum.

p.s.2 other versions of Unity3D

 Unity 5.4


E8 5F 50 13 00 84 C0 74 03


E8 5F 50 13 00 84 C0 75 03


Unity v5.6.0b8

74 02 8B 13 89 D0 5B C3


75 02 8B 13 89 D0 5B C3


Mac OS

1. Go to your “application folder” then /unity/
2. Then do a right click on and choose: Show package content
3. Go to Contents/MacOS/Unity
4. Copy the unity file to your desktop
5. Open the unity file which is on your desktop with a hex editor (you can use iHex)
6. Search for

5A 00 84 C0 74 03

and replace it with

5A 00 84 C0 75 03

(these bytes are for Unity3d v5.6.)

7. Save it
8. Then copy  the file from desktop and paste it back to /Applications/Unity/ – (need to override the file)
9. Start Unity3d and Enjoy

p.s. other versions of Unity3D:

10 00 84 C0 74 04
10 00 84 C0 75 04

1B 00 84 C0 74 08
1B 00 84 C0 75 08

12 00 84 C0 74 03
12 00 84 C0 75 03

13 00 84 C0 74 03
13 00 84 C0 75 03

4F 00 84 C0 74 03
4F 00 84 C0 75 03

5A 00 84 C0 74 03
5A 00 84 C0 75 03

source: cgp

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  • Thomas Maw

    You sir are a legend! Worked like a charm! My eyes thank you XD

  • Mèo Điên

    How about Unity 2017.1?

    • Blck Hrtzz

      Search for this “00 84 C0 74” and replace with “00 84 C0 75”. 🙂

    • beBoss

      Sorry, i was really busy lately..
      I am going to update the tutorial in an hour or two. And will keep it updated as much as I can.

    • oOPHINOo

      Unity 2017.1 OSX isn’t changing colour with this new patch. Any idea why it would not work?

      • beBoss

        It’s not changing the colour or it’s not the pro version at all? And Are you sure that you have done everything right, mean followed the steps and have patched the right version of the software? Every patch is for specific build 🙂