Get Unity3D Black/Dark/Pro Editor UI Skin on Windows and MacOS

I haven’t posted in a while, so today I decided to post a quick tutorial on how to get dark/black (Pro Editor UI Skin) skin in Unity 3d under Windows and Mac OS.

Unity3D 2018 for Windows x64 -> Here


Last updated: 25.01.2018 (00:37 uk time)

Last added:

  • Added patched version for MacOS for those who have problems with v5.6.5f1

UniPatcher for Windows versions:



Please back-up your old Unity_lic.ulf file, just in case you want to work with (eg: rename it… “Unity_lic.ulf.old“).
There is no need to back-up licenses previous to v2017.

This new version caters for the new licensing system for 2017.2+ and the old licensing. It will correctly handle v4, v5 and both v2017 versions of unity.


Patcher changelog:
Patcher now self-checks if it has been “Run as administrator“. It prompts the user if it has not been.
A license key is now randomly auto-generated at the start, and still allows you to regenerate more [one less click for you].
The patcher just asks for the location of the executable, and no longer asks for which version you want to patch.
It works out the version of the selected *.exe and patches it accordingly.
All v4.x.x and v5.x.x releases are handled.
Tested on v4.6.9p2(x32), v5.2.3p2(x64) and v5.3.0f4(x64).
The PATCH button can only be pressed is a valid executable is found within your chosen folder.
This patcher now creates a U*i*y.exe.bak (backup of the the original exe) prior to patching. Useful for those wishing to build a release game/app with the untouched editor.

UniPatcher for MacOS versions:

Patch: UniPatcher 2017 MacOS
Patched 5.6.5f1


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