Paragon NTFS for Mac 15.0.911 Cracked [MacOSX]

Here’s how to get Paragon NTFS for Mac 15.0.911 for free



Download the App and the cracked files from here:

Click me


Install the app from folder “Installation



  • When you finish with the installation, restart your computer. The app itself will ask you to restart it. Don’t go throw the registration process!


  • After the restart make you sure the app is closed. To be sure you can use the MacOS option “Force Quit Application” from MacOS menu.


  Copy and replace these files


From folder:

Cracked Files/Applications/Paragon NTFS for Mac

To folder:

Your MacOS Applications folder/Paragon NTFS for Mac

From folder:

Cracked Files/Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/com.paragon-software.ntfs.uninstall

Cracked Files/Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/com.paragon-software.ntfsd

Cracked Files/Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/Paragon NTFS for Mac

To folder:

Your MacOS/Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/com.paragon-software.ntfs.uninstall

Your MacOS/Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/com.paragon-software.ntfsd

Your MacOS/Library/Application Support/Paragon Software/Paragon NTFS for Mac

From folder:

Cracked Files/Library/PreferencePanes/ParagonNTFS.prefPane

To folder:

Your MacOS/Library/PreferencePanes/ParagonNTFS.prefPane



All Done. You can now start Paragon NTFS for Mac 15 app

Cracked Files folder | Your MacOS folder | Files

src: Don’t know, cracked by IP4L


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